Our natural FSA approved solid Larchwood Panels is an incredibly great addition to any garden space used as a singular screen or a full boundary fence line. Our panels are compatible and identically framed with our trellis panels.

Available in several sizes: 

1200 X 900mm 

1200 x 1200mm 

1200 X 1500mm 

1200 x 1800mm 

1500 x 900mm

1500 x 1200mm

1500 x 1500mm

1500 x 1800mm

1800 x 900mm 

1800 x 1200mm

1800 x 1500mm

1800 x 1800mm

We also create these using CEDAR.



For our Larchwood products we use only grade 1 quality timber that is FSA approved and planed smooth with chamfered edging for splinter free use.

  • 44mm x 21mm inner frame slats
  • 96mm x 21mm outer timber slats
  • compatible with almost all square or rectangular wooden posts (but would recommend 100mm2 mimimal as our panels are very solid and weigh much more than a standard fencing panel). We have found that the very standard, off-the-shelf 100mm square BROWN posts, lightly sanded down and an application of a UV oil such as OSMO UV protection look magnificant against our panels and trellis.



Choose from one of the 13 colours. Waterproof, durable and a tough all-round exterior paint.

It's is best suited for all wood in outdoor areas where an especially durable coating is required, such as on our fences, trellis, bin stores, bike stores and compost bins.


Painting will be carried out using three-coats of the chosen paint. As this process must be completed when each piece of any product is dry, the overall drying time can extend delivery by 10 to 30 days depending upon the size of the order.

44mm Screen - LARCH PANEL

  • This product comes bare. It will require either:

    1. Priming and painting

    2. Varnishing - Please seek advice from a paint supplier

    Larch weathers to a light-grey colour, but a UV proection on the horizontal timbers will reduce the colour loss keeping it vibrant for far longer. The tops of each panel would be best painted with a clear Decking Oil to protect the product from rain.

    By priming and painting this in any colour your supplier can supply, will negate the UV issues mentioned above and will add natural water-proofing qualities to the panels

  • We endeavour to produce professional products, but if during transit the items become damaged in some way and you wish to return them, prior to getting them dirty or damaging them in any way, including but not limited to screw holes, drill boles, fixings etc., etc., then a return would be accepted for exchange.

    If on the other hand the items were in your possession and you wish to return them due to over order or change of mind, then a restocking fee would apply to the sum of £25 per panel or a minimum of £50 if only one panel is being returned.

    We do not want to change any return costs, but we must cover mileage, vehicle usage and wear-and-tear, time and salary for our drivers as well as our administrative and workshop staff to re-stock the items.