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Waterhouse Landscapes Limited

We have the capabilities and highly skilled staff to be able to transform even an overgrown jungle into an oasis of perfection.
We pride ourselves with our ability to solve problems and find exciting solutions to any landscaping project - rising to each challenge faced with drive, determination, design flair and creativity.

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Decades of experience being trained by masters before us
and working on some of the most prestigious sites of equally regal clients, we have, each of us, honed our skills to enable us to rise to any occasion and any situation in any garden.
We will hand draw, then design, discuss concepts, agree a plan and then execute at a time that suits you.


What we can provide for landscaping



Any size, from scratch or minor alterations and additions to transform your garden into how you imagine



Within each of our gardens we are able to construct anything from pergolas, raised beds, planters, ponds, rills, hand built fencing (see bespoke), lawns, elaborate planting beds and schemes on any scale, tree planting and much, much more


Although previewed on the BESPOKE tab, lest not forget we carry out extensive and impressive joinery fences, trellis work, bin storage units, compost bins, bike storage and much much more.


Joinery comes in many forms, it is not just fencing, trellis and bin stores ... we offer front and rear gates, bike stores, barbecue units (as below), as well as planters all made to measure with a selection of hardwoods from Iroko, Sapele, Oak and Cedar. 


These clients wanted an entertaining space for their first home.

This couple were busy people but loved to unwind and relax

With entertainment in mind an armed with a mid-range budget we had to take a fully overgrown garden and transform everything, including changing the garden levels to flat as they were hugely slanted, adding new fencing, an extra large bespoke gate, paving, planters, planting Iroko timber seating and a barbecue and patio space for entertaining

One ache site taken from bare ground to several small peaceful sitting spaces

Pond and arboretum design & install

This was one of my favourite designs as we were given a free canvas to produce a design to several areas within the garden.

It was so vast that rooms were adopted for interest, intrigue and a sense of fun for this very young couple. 
They bothed loved to entertain, enjoyed reading and study, so we wanted to peak their interest as much as possible with a room-to-room walk-around through this enchanting garden.

Design & install a low maintenance garden

This project will perfectly satisfy the clients love of socialising

We had an almost blank canvas with this project but were provided with insight as to what they wanted from a finished garden.

Low maintenance

Low growing trees

Large level lawn

Irrigation throughout

A great space.


Small Portfolio of Work

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