1. What do we do?

Waterhouse Landscapes offer both full landscaping services, including any and all soft landscaping:

  • Garden design

  • Lawns including any topsoil requirements underneath, leveling etc.

  • Shrub and plant acquisition and planting

  • Tree planting

  • Bulb planting

  • Artificial turfing

as well as hard landscaping, such as, but not limited to:

  • Patios - sandstone, porcelain, slate, etc. We are able to create and mould a garden, as well as introducing curves, raised areas, sunken areas

  • Block paving

  • Brick walls

  • Block work, rendering and finishing to any height suitable for a garden structure, such as a raised planter, adjoining walls etc.

  • Arbour creation, from scratch

  • Trellis service - Off-the-shelf or Bespoke

  • Fence Panels - As above

  • High-end dustbin storage units for one, two or three bins

  • High-end compost bins

  • Bike storage units

  • Gates for front, side and rear gardens

  • 24v lighting

  • Irrigation systems for lawns, borders

With decades of experience between each field team and over twenty years design experience, with your assistance and input, we are able to formulate a plan and final design for your garden space. 

2. How long before quotation and start time?

Generally speaking, once contact is made and you require our services, we will happily create a quotation for you based on first meeting.

We will arrange to meet at your property and run through the elements with which you want help. Measurements will be made on site.

Back at our offices, we will take your plan and put it together allocating materials and labour costs to every part. Once complete, your details are added to our system and a quotation is formulated and emailed to you.

A follow-up call is made the same or next day to see your thoughts, unless you wish to call us back and discuss the quotation or accept the order.

Due to the complexity of some projects the quote can take from 24 hours to one week.

3. Do you only do large landscape works?

The simple answer is no. Regardless of size, we will be able to assist you.

4. Our price structure

Obviously we are in business to make a profit, as we wish to continue making our products and selling our services for decades to come. Our costs include, but not limited to, office and admin costs, vehicle costs, running costs, staff labour, material costs for each aspect of the company - stationary, tools, vehicles, materials for jobs.

When all these costs are collated we are able to extrapolate a 'margin' needed to sustain a profit which will cover these costs. Every company have a margin and every company will pass these on to the clients as part of the overall price of the quotation provided.

5. Bespoke, why?

Each garden comes with its' own set of challenges. Not one garden is symmetrical and not one garden we have ever encountered, is flat and perfectly square or rectangular. Landscaping services and relatively non-bespoke as it is simply a business of adding materials to suit the shape of the garden.

However, within each garden structures are required, especially with our Larchwood and Cedar products.

Part of our bespoke range, which is continually growing by formulating and considering new ideas to date is the following:

  • Fence panels - currently offering 12 sizes (see below for more information)

  • Trellis panels- currently offering 12 sizes (see below for more information)

  • Dustbin storage units - in 3 sizes - Single, Double and Triple

  • Bike storage units

  • Compost bins

  • Planters

As gardens are an evolving area specific to the client currently living in their home, each client will want to grow with this garden and add, subtract elements as part of this evolution. We would like to think, we can help facilitate this growth by providing bespoke elements to suit.


6. Can our panels and trellis be adjusted and cut down?

Each of our panels are put together with screws and nail gun pins. It is a very simple process to unscrew and remove the frame slats, and inner slats to reduce the width and or height if you wish. So long as you have reasonable DIY experience and a little common sense, then this task is achievable.

Why would you do this?

You may have ordered the panels and or trellis as a standard 180 x 180cm (1800mm x 1800mm) panel only to find your measurements were a little out. By adjusting the width or height, you could make it fit. Alternatively, you could take fewer risks and ask us to build them for you exactly via our bespoke service (HERE)

7. What are the size options?

We currently offer many size variants for our products. Please see the list below:

Fence Panels and Trellis Panels

1200 X 900mm 
1200 x 1200mm 
1200 X 1500mm 
1200 x 1800mm 
1500 x 900mm
1500 x 1200mm
1500 x 1500mm
1500 x 1800mm
1800 x 900mm 
1800 x 1200mm
1800 x 1500mm
1800 x 1800mm

Go to the shop HERE

Front gates, Side gates, Rear gates

900 x 900mm 
900 X 1200mm 
900 X 1500mm
900 x 1800mm 
1200 X 900mm
1200 X 1200mm
1200 X 1500mm
1500 x 1800mm

Go to the shop HERE

Dustbin storage (Bin storage) units




Go to the shop HERE

Each bin has enough play within each unit to comfortably house one bin. There is also approximately 150 mm clearance. The double and triple bin stores do not come with dividers, but are open.

Each of our bin storage units come with planters on top to 'blend-in' your ornate bin storage unit into your front garden space. We are happy to remove this element upon request.

The bin stores come with black painted steel small locks for each door, adjustable feet to manage your levels and black painted steel hinges to hold the doors in place.


Bike stores

Not currently showing on our website (this is being addressed and will be added soon).

Our units are almost identical to our triple bin stores. Much like each of our products, they are solidly built and in this case as your bikes are valuable, each unit is more secure and can be supplied with a robust lock and long gate bolts. (PLEASE NOTE, ONCE ERECTED, THE GATE BOLT WILL REQUIRE A SUITABLE SIZE HOLE TO BE DRILLED INTO YOUR BASE)

Compost bins

Not currently showing on our website (this is being addressed and will be added soon).

Our units are singular, double and triple and stand approximately one-metre high and wide. Suitable for any garden with enough space to accommodate these.

8. Can you attach them together if I purchase them separately?

They are very solid, and currently if purchased individually, there is no 'latching mechanism', however, if you own a drill, 4mm drill bit and pre-drill the holes, it is simple to screw 8 x screws (two on each corner) to attach them. Alternatively, you could drill M8 holes and add 8 x M8 bolts (2 in each corner) to attach them.

We are working on this and in future versions may include a slot and link system.

9. Which orientation are the slats with the panels?

The panels are produced with the slats running vertically, but upon order you can specify horizontal slats. There is no additional cost change as the surface area of wood has not changed.

10. Are the panels and Trellis framed and capped?

Yes. We feel that each unit when framed, although a little heavier, is far more robust, stronger and more solid as the frame holds the wood better. If you wish, as part of our bespoke service, you can order panels unframed (see panels images to see how this looks) - HERE

By capping the top wood not only [in our opinion], looks better, but it will also protect the end grain of the wooden slats.

11. Is there a back and front of trellis and panels?

Yes. To hold the front slats and front frame, the entire unit is laid onto an inner frame. This inner frame is made from 21mm x 44mm (Larchwood) or 19mm x 38mm (Cedar) slats. Once painted though either side looks nice, although the framed side is going to look better.

12. Why do we use post and panel capping?

When we install as part of our bespoke service, we generally use standard 100mm x 100mm  brown posts. We sand these down, just a little on the face side and add either a painted finish or a varnish and or UV protection. However, some clients would like facing plates to be added to the posts to hide them. We can supply these independently or they would form part of the commission if a bespoke service was used.

Post Capping is used to protect the post end grain. It is not compulsory, but again, we feel this looks better and finishes off the 'look' of the new fence. Our post caps are rounded over, flat base and top 100mm x 100mm Larch or Cedar blocks.

13. Do I need post or panel capping?

No. This is an extra that as pointed out above, is there for aesthetics, but also to protect the end grain. In our opinion, we would always add a cap to each post.

14. What size posts are best for our panels?

Each of our panels are extremely strong and solid. The larger 1800mm x 1800mm panels and some of the smaller ones would take two persons to move. To ensure this solid structure is secure, we would ONLY recommend 100mm x 100mm posts. Not supplied.

15. Can the panels be used in conjunction with our other products?

Often our clients like the modern fitted room look and incorporate, bin stores, panels, trellis, raised planters (Normally made from blockwork, but can be stand alone). By placing them adjacent to each other, the units form an invisible bond that ties them together, providing a feel as one unit or room.

Can they be joined together?

At present we do not offer a linking device, so normally as they are solid in their own right, the bin stores, planters can simply be placed next to each other and they should look as one (screwing together is possible if you own a drill and screw each corner together).

The panels and trellis can absolutely be combined to form one unit and look great with a 3/4 panel and a 1/4 trellis fitted between posts.

16. Can I return purchased products?

This is the tricky part.

Legally speaking you are entitled to return an off-the-shelf item within 14 days, however, if the units purchased have been altered from the standard untreated versions or are indeed purchased through our bespoke service, then returns are NOT possible.

Return are possible, but rules apply. Please see our returns policy HERE


17. What can we do for you?

The simple answer is pretty much anything, if within possibilities and within your budget.

We cater for Bespoke Landscaping as mentioned above, as well as a bespoke joinery with our Fence panels,Trellis panels, Bin storage units, Bike stores, Compost bins and planters.

By employing our services, we can visit your home and measure what you require. Please note, we can only visit for bespoke works, if the contract is secured and guaranteed. 

Once the contracts are in place and budget provided, we will measure the spaces, discuss requirements and set about creating the design for the elements chosen.

Once agreed, by yourself and costs dialed down to a specific and final price (unless additions are required), we will then commence ordering and construction of any off-site elements ready for delivery or job start.

If requiring our services so that your own designer or landscape company are fitting them, is is important that for delivery, the items are met by someone, either yourself or a responsible person who can look over the units.

Our driver will also look to see if there is any damage and a signature will be required, unless instructions are provided to leave the units in a safe location. Please note, from this point, the units are the responsibility of the client and refunds will NOT be possible if damage occurs.

18. Why do we offer a bespoke service?

As mentioned, each garden is different; levels are often 'off', garden shape is very rarely square or rectangular and each client wants to add their own personal mark on their living space. We offer this bespoke (made-to-measure) service to suit the demands of property differences.

19. How long does it take to complete a bespoke service?

This is a difficult question to answer due to the complexity of the bespoke service being designed, installed (if required) and or delivered. If it were a single panel, it could be delivered in a few days. If on the other hand you required the panel to be painted then this adds 5 days. Now, what if you order 10 panels and a double bin store and 4 trellis panels of various sizes, then obviously, we can only make so-many items a day and painting takes time for each element, so delivery can be over several weeks.

20. Where do we currently work for the installation part of our bespoke service?

In terms of our bespoke delivered only service, we operate throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

If you require us to install the items or install your bespoke garden, then we currently only operate in the South-East of England and London. It would be necessary for you to employ a landscaper / handyman / joiner to put these together, erect them?


21. Using sustainable and local services

We are conscious of the world around us and as a family orientated company who respect the values of family life and the sustainability of the UK and the world as a whole, we want to use as many products as practicable for us to provide our services to you. For the Larch and Cedar however, we currently use this from Canada, but we do purchase it locally, so from our end, our carbon footprint is lower. We are looking at purchasing these products from UK based growers, but presently it is far too expensive to buy in the UK when a direct comparison is made cost for cost, piece for piece. If these costs are reduced from UK suppliers, and the quality is as good, then we will quickly and surely change over to reduce the carbon footprint further.

Most of our landscaping materials are UK sourced.

22. Where is our workshop and offices?

As we have evolved, we have two offices and one workshop. One of the offices; in Cobham, Surrey, is a hub-office and is for office admin, paper work, meetings etc., and the other office and workshop is in Ashtead, Surrey.

We have a small workshop and storage area, that can cater for all our joinery products and an office for the main bulk of our administrative duties.

Our Hub is:

Waterhouse Landscapes Limited

First Floor,

Cobham MSA

M25 Junction 9-10


KT11 3DB

Or main workshop / office is:

76 West Farm Avenue,



KT21 2JY

23. Where can I find the products we create?

You have five on-line options

Our website shop -

ETSY worldwide online platform for Handmade products -

Facebook -

Linked In -

Twitter -

Our website will give better options as you will be able to get a feel for us as a company as well as browsing our gallery of work. Join us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and see our offers as they arrive giving great savings


24. Do I have to paint your product?

Simply put and to save argument, yes. We can supply barewood, which means no treatment has been added. These will require some form of protection layers in order to stop the leaching of toxins and discolouration from the wet weather and elements.

We do offer a painting service, which we would recommend, however, there is absolutely nothing stopping you purchasing any of our products and painting yourself or employing a painter to paint any colour you choose or with any finish you or your painter deem appropriate. If should be noted though, that if a secondary company or yourself add any product other than ours, the responsibility would be yours and we will offer no refunds for wood that is damaged or deteriorated in any way. There are many exterior products on the market, so the options are endless. Be sure to get professional advice from a paint supply specialist, such as Brewers Decorators Centres, who we recommend as an excellent source of information and products.

25. How long does it take to complete the painting process?

Painting can take 5 days minimum as we want to ensure that each of the THREE coats we choose is thoroughly dry before each subsequent coat and prior to delivery.

If more than one fence panel, trellis panel, bin storage unit, compost bin, bike storage unit, planters is purchased, then this lead time extends. If the order is big, it could take several weeks. This should be allowed for during your design stage. Relevant to independent designers, landscape companies, architects, or clients designing their own gardens.

26. Can I return a painted product?

As the unit is bespoke; i.e., painted with a paint of your choice, then it is not possible to return any item as it would be suitable for you only and ordered for you only. If on the other hand you purchase the items 'barewood', then providing the returns are made within the time frame set out in our returns policy and all other conditions are met, then yes refunds would be made. Please see our returns policy HERE


27. What are the delivery rates?

Our rates vary from location within England, Scotland and Wales.

Operating in the South, we are unable to use delivery companies for two reasons:

1. We do not trust these companies not to damage our goods

2. Due to the weight of our items, Royal Mail, Hermes, etc., not only charge far in excess of our chosen costs (which by-the-way, does not cover our actual costs and only represents about 50% of the actual charges, wear-and-tear, salaries of staff and fuel.

Please see our delivery charges HERE

28. Can I get free delivery?


Due to the nature of our own vehicles travelling to England, Scotland and Wales, there is a vast distance from our South-East England workshop. Therefore, we were forced to adopt location charges until platforms were reached. once the spend below is reached delivery becomes FREE

Order values and locations as follows:

South-East - £500.00 order

London - £500.00 order

All other locations throughout England, Scotland and Wales - £750.00

The reality is that if you are purchasing normally only two to three panels or one bin store, bike store etc., then the value reached will automatically qualify you for free delivery.

29. Do I need to be at home / work, to accept delivery?

Preferably yes, but we are happy for this to be left in a safe place, but you will need to send email authorization as soon as possible after order or delivery confirmation. It will also mean we cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for your goods and the responsibility would then fall to you.

30. How long after ordering will my delivery arrive?

This depends upon order size, location or treatment. If not painted and a single item is ordered, then it could be with you in a 2-5 days. If painting is required it automatically adds 5-10 days as this needs to dry for the three coats we apply.

Delivery could be 1-6 weeks if the order is large as understandably, we can only create the order, in batches or we are having to wait for materials (this is rare, but can happen).

31. Will you notify me when my delivery is scheduled?

Yes. You will receive an email explaining that your delivery is due and be provided with a delivery day.

You will be required to be at the delivery address or the delivery is met by an authorised person (an email would be required from you explaining your intend - albeit a neighbour or tradesperson taking delivery).In this case, they would be responsible to accept delivery. Once delivered the products become your responsibility.

32. Will our delivery team unload the goods?

Yes. We will carefully manage the off-load and place them into a safe location. We are not insured to take these into a property. We will do our best to place them where you wish, but if the location is too difficult or potentially dangerous for any reason, we have the right to place them where we feel is appropriate.

If it is not possible to drop the delivery, our drivers will not take them onto a new location without subsequent communication and potential additional delivery payment. This is only if the driver has the time to complete this task.

If the products cannot be dropped and the customer does not want the items to be taken to a new place or our driver does not have the time due to his delivery schedule, the products will return to our offices and a new delivery will be scheduled. This will require a new delivery charge being made. The fee will need payment prior to a schedule is made and delivery slot provided.